Automotive radar testing webinars

Watch our Automotive radar webinar-series and learn about in-depth analysis of radar signals, measuring radomes to ensure radar module performance, as well as how to calibrate the next generation of radar sensors precisely in a lab-environment.

The most advanced automotive radar object simulation solution

In this webinar, the next generation automotive radar test system will be introduced.

The new R&S RTS is the most accurate, scalable & advanced solution for automotive radar object simulation on the market with the performance and features to accelerate your radar module and system development.

Webinar: Automotive radar signal analysis

Automotive radar signal analysis

Join this webinar to understand the fundamental measurements required to analyse and verify radar signals, the range of test tools available and when to use them.

Webinar: Validation of radar-based autonomous driving functions under electromagnetic influences

Validation of radar-based autonomous driving functions

In this webinar you will learn about validation of radar-based autonomous driving functions under electromagnetic influences and get an overview of Rohde & Schwarz solutions.

Webinar: High-end calibration of next-generation radar sensors

High-end calibration of next-generation radar sensors

The measurements of far-field automotive radars is a challenge as it requires a large spatial distance, has a high loss path, while providing a relatively small quiet zone, and where even a slight misalignment has a huge impact on repeatable measurements.

Comprehensive radar integration testing

Comprehensive radar integration testing

This webinar will focus on the integration of radar sensors in future autonomous vehicles. Once the radar sensor itself has been successfully tested, questions concerning its integration within the vehicle arise: Where should the radar be placed to detect oncoming traffic? How does the plastic of the bumper influence the quality of the radar signal? How do you ensure that the radar is mounted at the correct position?

Automotive radar test solutions using high-performance oscilloscopes

Automotive radar test solutions using high-performance oscilloscopes

This webinar will demonstrate how to simultaneously measure and analyze up to four 4 GHz automotive radar signals at 79 GHz by using a Rohde & Schwarz oscilloscope as a phase coherent receiver and high precision mixers for downconversion.

Onboard oscilloscope tools and the R&S®VSE vector signal explorer software support in-depth analysis of the radar pulses. The Rohde & Schwarz oscilloscope's unique deembedding function corrects transmission losses in the measurement setup and conversion loss of the mixers.


Analysis of FMCW radar signals in automotive application

The all-weather capability of radar sensors is an important argument for many driver assistant systems. Measurement accuracy and resolution depend on the radar sensor and the used waveform. Automotive radars often apply continuous wave signals of high bandwidth in combination with digital beamforming techniques to measure range, radial velocity and azimuth angle unambiguously and in multitarget situations. These high-performance sensors and the high reliability demanded in the automotive industry require reliable and fast test solutions.

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