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Meet Rohde & Schwarz at Mobile World Congress 2024

Enabling Connections, Empowering Innovations

At Rohde & Schwarz, our mission is to transform potential into reality.

Thanks for visiting us and discover how Rohde & Schwarz solutions are empowering the world of telecommunications.

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5G and beyond

Enabling the mobile ecosystem, empowering next-gen connectivity

Embark on a journey from the present into the future of mobile connectivity, where the evolution of 5G and the horizon of 6G redefine innovation and collaboration.

  • 5G Transformation: Experience the leap from 5G to 5G Advanced, through our T&M solutions, featuring enhancements like NTN-NR, FR3, and network slicing for more efficient, reliable networks.
  • Next-Gen Connectivity: Discover the potential of Wi-Fi 7 in reshaping wireless communication with our advanced testing instruments.
  • 5G Broadcast: Explore how network operators and content providers can leverage 5G Broadcast for new business opportunities.
  • Emerging O-RAN Technologies: See how our solutions can help you explore advancements in network efficiency and energy savings with Open RAN and discover how to advance certification and badging for Open RAN with the i14y Lab.
  • Scalable Networks with Small Cells: See how small cells are pivotal in creating flexible, scalable network infrastructures, and how our solutions enable them.
  • Towards 6G: Delve into the ongoing research for 6G with our T&M equipment, including THz communication, AI/ML integration, and integrated sensing and communication.
  • Ensuring Quality: Focus on optimizing QoS and QoE throughout the 5G and future 6G network lifecycle.
  • Protecting Electromagnetic Spectrum: Master the increasing demand for communication capacity with our advanced solutions in interference hunting and spectrum monitoring.

Connected everything

Enabling seamless integration, empowering a securely connected future

Step into a future shaped by seamless integration, where Rohde & Schwarz empowers a securely connected world across all facets of life, from daily communication to the most critical data transfers.

  • Seamless Connectivity: Envision a world where devices, from wearables to industrial equipment, communicate effortlessly across diverse networks.
  • Advancing Wireless Communications: Leveraging our expertise in NTN-IoT and RedCap, we're setting new standards in wireless communication testing, enabling innovative and integrated network solutions.
  • Automotive Connectivity: Explore how our T&M solutions enable advancements in the connected car, where technologies like C-V2X and UWB enhance the driving experience, safety and autonomous driving capabilities.
  • Robust Security for an Interconnected Ecosystem: With our high-quality cryptography and Zero Trust endpoint security, we ensure reliable data transfer and system integrity in sectors ranging from Public and CRITIS to Retail and Health.
  • Comprehensive Test Solutions and Future-Proof Networking: Our test technologies and network solutions, encompassing everything from hardware to cloud-based SDN for SD-WAN, SD-LAN, SD-WLAN, and SD-Security, deliver performance, interoperability, and fortified security.

Private networks

Enabling testing for the entire network lifecycle, empowering critical networks

Explore dedicated solutions for private networks, where our end-to-end testing empowers the performance and reliability of business and mission-critical communication

  • End-to-End Network Testing: Ensuring top performance in private networks for business-critical and mission-critical communication.
  • Mission Critical Communication (MCX): Unveil how our testing solutions not only support robust private networks but also facilitate the crucial transition to broadband for mission-critical services, ensuring resilience and reliability in every scenario.
  • Industry Applications: Showcasing the role of private networks in various sectors, emphasizing consistent testing for optimal QoS/QoE.

Game changers

Enabling end-to-end testing, empowering extended reality

Dive into the world of game-changing technologies with Rohde & Schwarz. Here, Extended Reality applications and ipoque's advanced traffic intelligence are redefining the landscape of communication and data security.

  • Extended Reality and Metaverse: Get a sneak peek into Extended Reality applications - a key driver for 5G and 6G, laying the groundwork for the future of immersive Metaverse experience.
  • Next-gen DPI with Encrypted Traffic Intelligence by ipoque, a Rohde & Schwarz company: Power your networking and cybersecurity solutions with advanced OEM network analytics technology by ipoque. Our leading DPI engines R&S®PACE 2 and R&S®vPACE detect and classify IP traffic for enhanced connectivity and security, even amidst encrypted and anonymized traffic.