Governmental Security

Governmental Security

Homeland security and public safety: Countering threats early on

Our planet is connected. The network is growing at an unprecedented rate. While today´s technology-driven world offers new opportunities, new challenges and threats arise. Digital disruption presents one of the biggest challenges for safety and security. The need to detect and pursue organized crime and illegal activities is paramount.

Rohde & Schwarz designs, develops and provides innovative security, surveillance and intelligence solutions that enable governments to enhance their national security and citizen safety. Systems and solutions from Rohde & Schwarz help intelligence services, security authorities and police forces to obtain information from mobile, fixed network, satellite and IP data, and provide information superiority through a comprehensive operational picture and actionable insights for investigations.

Customer benefits

Services throughout project lifecycle

The company offers customers innovative, tailored and forward-looking services through all phases of the project lifecycle. With an extensive service network around the globe, Rohde & Schwarz provides 24-hour assistance in every time zone.

Trusted partnership

A decisive pillar of our philosophy is trusted partnership. Rohde & Schwarz is committed to strengthening customers’ digital sovereignty. As an independent, privately owned enterprise, Rohde & Schwarz does not have to think in terms of quarterly results, the company can plan sustainably for the long term and is committed to customer needs and employees.

High vertical integration

Rohde & Schwarz keeps nearly its entire value-added chain within the company. Central research and development (R&D) are located at the Munich headquarters and development centers around the globe implement applications that are tailored to the requirements of local customers.

Technology leadership

Rohde & Schwarz invests a large percentage of its revenue in emerging technologies. The company has made substantial investments in future technologies such as artificial intelligence, the industrial internet of things (IIoT), 6G, cloud solutions and quantum technology. Collaboration with universities and research institutes provides early insights into coming developments.

Security by design and culture

Rohde & Schwarz follows a strict “security by design” approach for all mission-critical components. The company is a leading IT security partner and provides approved solutions for classified communication levels. With more than 600 employees at its Cybersecurity business unit, Rohde & Schwarz is one of Europe´s largest providers of network and cybersecurity equipment.




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