#ThinkSix - video series

The #ThinkSix video series explores important topics relevant to the question of what is beyond 5G. We will follow the surrounding discussions and work with partners and customers to support this initial phase of research on the road to 6G

The metaverse and XR - Part 1

Join us as we delve into the fundamental ideas of the Metaverse and its symbiotic relationship with extended reality (XR). Discover how these emerging paradigms promise to reshape our reality and propel us into a new era of connectivity and experience.

Jun 07, 2024

The metaverse and XR - Part 2

Join us and get an introduction to addressing new network challenges. Discover how 5G and 6G will enable the next generation of immersive experiences.

Jun 06, 2024

The metaverse and XR - Part 3

Join us and learn about the 5G and 5G-Advanced features that are laying the foundation for 6G high-fidelity XR and large-scale metaverse experiences.

Jun 05, 2024

The metaverse and XR - Part 4

Join us for an introduction to our work in developing an E2E testbed for XR use cases.

Jun 04, 2024

6G Applications

The metaverse is a virtual space where people come together to interact with one another and explore a computer-generated world. Watch this video to learn about the direction of 6G, XR applications and more.

Feb 02, 2024

Semiconductor Technologies

There are several different semiconductor technologies that are currently being discussed for 6G. Watch this video for a deeper insight into the main challenges and findings on semiconductor technologies

Jan 16, 2024

THz Communication

Watch this video for an overview of THz communication research, requirements and test equipment.

Nov 28, 2023

Joint communication and sensing (JCAS)

Discover the insights of Rohde & Schwarz experts and other industry leaders as they discuss the applications and challenges of this exciting technology.

Oct 31, 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Learn about the role that AI and ML may play in signal processing, battery-powered mobile devices and more.

Sep 25, 2023

6G Overview and vision

Rohde & Schwarz is not just an observer; we're actively shaping the future of 6G as part of various research projects. Join us on this journey toward a wireless world. Together, we'll make it extraordinary.

Sep 11, 2023

6G major research areas

Discover the insights of Rohde & Schwarz experts and other industry leaders as they discuss the pivotal research areas driving the evolution of wireless technology.

Sep 11, 2023

#ThinkSix - Validating a Machine-Learning Based Neural Receiver with 5G NR Multiple MIMO Signals

Using Machine Learning (ML) powered by Artificial Intelligence for signal processing tasks in wireless communication really is beginning to move from theory to practice. Watch this video for a demonstration of the first hardware setup capable of validating the performance of a self-training neural receiver.

Jun 15, 2023

#ThinkSix - Phase noise characterization in the D-band

This video introduces the topic of phase noise, demonstrates a test setup for investigating phase noise for the latest communication systems, and with D band (110-170 GHz) frequencies a hot tip for 6G research.

May 11, 2023

#ThinkSix - 6G Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces (RIS)

This video introduces Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces (RIS) and presents how Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces can achieve previously unattainable coverage, spectral and power efficiency, and reduced propagation.

Apr 18, 2023

#ThinkSix - Is it time for wireless communication to get smart(er) with AI/ML? Part 3.

This video looks into the future to see whether this work can transform the air interface for a 6G standard.

Mar 08, 2023

#ThinkSix - Is it time for wireless communication to get smart(er) with AI/ML? Part 2.

This video introduces the effectiveness of the Machine Learning-based procedure for an use case.

Feb 22, 2023

#ThinkSix - Is it time for wireless communication to get smart(er) with AI/ML? Part 1.

This video introduces the background theory and terminology of AI and ML.

Feb 11, 2023

#ThinkSix - Spectrum for 6G

This video runs through the frequencies from 7.125 GHz to 24.25 GHz, highlighting the bands with the maximum potential for next-generation wireless services.

Jan 25, 2023

#探究 6G – 实用概述:哪些新频谱可用于 6G?

本视频基于对可用频谱和实验许可的需求,解释了 D 频段 (110-170 GHz) 和 G 频段 (140-220 GHz) 中候选频率适用于 6G 基础研究的原因。

1月 20, 2023

#ThinkSix - Channel measurements in the D-band

High frequencies completely new to mobile radio mean that researching channel characteristics to determine the effects on transmitted signals of propogation delays resulting from reflection, and losses due to scattering, are a major requirement for 6G research. In this video we demonstrate a test setup for channel sounding in the D-band.

Dec 15, 2022

#探究 6G – 在 D 频段生成和分析 4 GHz 射频带宽信号

“#探究 6G”视频系列展望未来。在本视频中,我们将关注 110 GHz 至 170 GHz 频段中的早期 6G 研发活动,讨论额外带宽支持的更高数据率。

10月 18, 2022

#探究 6G – 使用易用装置研究 D 频段中的信号

观看视频,了解 110-170 GHz D 频段的 6G 研发活动和罗德与施瓦茨的 FE170 前端。

10月 18, 2022

#探究 6G——6G 通过联合通信和传感 (JCAS) 带来第六感

观看视频,简要了解聚焦创新 6G 应用的新兴研究领域。

9月 19, 2022

#探究 6G – 5G、后 5G 和 6G 研究的频谱

罗德与施瓦茨视频分析 100 GHz 以上频谱的监管环境以及覆盖 110 GHz 至 170 GHz 频率范围的 D 频段。

3月 03, 2021

#探究 6G – D 频段中的亚太赫兹通信 OTA 测量

本视频演示了支持最高 170 GHz 频率的罗德与施瓦茨 R&S®ATS1000 天线测试系统。

11月 10, 2020

#探究 6G – 5G、后 5G 和 6G 研究的频谱

罗德与施瓦茨视频分析 100 GHz 以上频谱的监管环境以及覆盖 110 GHz 至 170 GHz 频率范围的 D 频段。

11月 10, 2020

#探究 6G – 6G 时代即将来临?梳理 6G 时间线

本视频根据 5G 的发展历程和 4G LTE 的成功经验探索 5G NR 进展,并尝试梳理可能的 6G 时间线。

5月 20, 2020

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